2017 Submissions

The Obnoticus Show Miscellaneous Loop
Sway Industrial Song
Into the Valley of Dreams Dance Song
Single File Industrial Song
Cogs Ambient Song
Artificial Love Dance Song
Fix the Machine Experimental Song
That Evening Experimental Song
Premise Experimental Loop
The Wanderer Drifts Alone at Night Pop Song
Sleeping in the Sunshine General Rock Song
Right on Time Dance Song
A Beautiful Time to Die Miscellaneous Song
Lie to Me Experimental Song
In the Amazon Experimental Song

2015 Submissions

A Nice Place to Settle Down Miscellaneous Song
Rubber Pavement Dance Song
Walking on Needles and Pinecones Industrial Song
Cyberspace Dance Song
Ode to a Fallen Kingdom Cinematic Song
Make Me Feel Like a Hero Again Dance Song
Virus Dance Song
Don't Mind Me Pop Song
Theory of Nonexistance Experimental Song
Losing Can Be Winning if You Want it Enough Dance Song
Disoriented Experimental Song
It's Right Behind You Cinematic Song
An Interdimensional Reminder Dance Song

2014 Submissions

Dreaming Dance Song
Underlying Core Dance Song
A Touch to the Shadow Miscellaneous Song
Atlantis Ambient Song
Symbiotic Dance Party Dance Song
Dark Intentions Cinematic Song
Within Handcuffs General Rock Song
Shadow of a Doubt Pop Song
Frantic Minds Dance Song
Not Gonna Lie Pop Song
Losing Sleep Pop Song
Hills Are Shifting General Rock Song
Living on the Upside Dance Song
Fields General Rock Song
All In Your Head Dubstep Song
Desert Sands Dance Song
Obsession of Pattern Grunge Song
Days Are Behind Us Pop Song
All Souls Lost General Rock Song
Wind Blew, the Skies Knew Jazz Song
Exit on the Right Heavy Metal Song
Lake of Remorse Dance Song
Skies of Purple General Rock Song
Acid Rain Industrial Song
Plastic Space Fleet Dance Song