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"Provoke Habit" official track listing!

2014-08-23 22:26:56 by Keeponrockin404

To those of you not from my Youtube page, there's a link to that here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Keeponrockin404

I'm working on a new album that will be released to my Youtube channel probably early next year called "Provoke Habit." This will be my third album and I am looking forward to releasing it. It'll be my biggest album yet and a pretty huge departure from my previous two albums, "Issues With Aggression" and "Until I Die." I have the official track listing now and I would like to show it to you:

01. Overture (1:24)

02. Mind of Hounds (4:53)

03. The World Isn't Dead (3:56)

04. Adieu (How Do You Feel) (6:11)

05. Ultimatum (4:04)

06. Boo Radley (3:31)

07. Hate Has Me Hostage (2:51)

08. Take Everything (5:54)

09. Love is Love and Love is All (3:25)

10. Chores (1:54)

11. You're Wrong (3:03)

12. A Walk in the Park (3:58)

13. Raping the U.S.A (3:50)

14. Social Justice Song (4:38)

15. Kill Me (7:54)

Total Length: (1:01:11)



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