Instrumental compilation album coming very soon!

2015-01-26 00:37:01 by Keeponrockin404

Within the next two days, I will be releasing a compilation album of the best of my newgrounds material, as well as three brand new instrumental tracks! It will be uploaded to both my youtube channel as well as my bandcamp page.  Here is the official track listing for that:

1. Underlying Core 3:25

2. Desert Sands 2:20

3. Losing Sleep 3:29

4. Overwhelmed  2:53 (Brand new!)

5. Symbiotic Dance Party 2:27

6. Atlantis 2:18

7. Who's Calling? 1:17 (Brand new!)

8. Escape Artist 3:26 (Brand new!)

9. Shadow of a Doubt 2:38

10. Dreaming 3:04

11. Living on the Upside 2:53

Total length: 30:17


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