Entry #4

New instrumental compilation, More Instrumentals coming soon!

2015-06-15 19:53:54 by Keeponrockin404

I am compiling yet another Instrumentals album, this time entitled More Instrumentals. Here is the track listing for that:

  1. Losing Can Be Winning if You Want it Enough
  2. Theory of Nonexistance
  3. Disoriented
  4. Walking on Needles and Pinecones
  5. Virus
  6. Rubber Pavement 
  7. Ode to a Fallen Kingdom
  8. It's Right Behind You
  9. Cyberspace
  10. Make Me Feel Like a Hero Again
  11. An Interdimensional Reminder
  12. Don't Mind Me

The album will be release on June 20, 2015 to my bandcamp page, https://keeponrockin404.bandcamp.com/.



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